Child Foundation Sponsorship

  • If you decide to sponsor, you can fill out the form in PDF or Word.
  • The association Emdad Kudak will give you the name of the sponsored child and the payment details.
  • By sponsoring and paying at least CHF 30 per month, you ensure that your sponsored child can look to the future with hope.
  • You receive development reports about your sponsored child twice a year (e.g. donations, school certificates, level of education, health status).
  • If you are traveling to Iran, you have the opportunity to meet your sponsored child personally and to get an idea of the effect of your donation.
  • If you support a project, you can contact the association Emdad Kudak directly (see contact details).

Download the form of PDF & DOC file extension here.

please after filling form, send it to us from Contact us Page.